Bait Fish Quantity Limits

Well the walleye season opener is here and the MNRF is apparently doing an enforcement blitz at the Border (and possibly elsewhere) on non-residents coming in to Sunset Country to fish. They are strictly enforcing the 120 (10 Dozen) limit on frozen and salted minnows your guests can bring into Canada. They will seize any bait over the 10 dozen limit. I am assuming this also applies to quantity limits on all forms of bait – as there is a possession limit for bait in the fishing regulations.

This is being sent to you so you can give your arriving guests a heads up and if they are bringing in frozen or salted minnows, tell them not to bring more than the 10 dozen limit or they risk the ones over the limit being confiscated – they are also subject to a fine but it appears the MNR is not fining people at this point in time.