Rushing River

Rushing River Provincial Park is 2 km south of Dogtooth Lake Resort, accessible by boat or vehicle. Rushing River has spectacular rapids, sand beaches, playgrounds and hiking trails.  It is well worth spending a day adventuring!

Beach Volleyball 

A beach volleyball net is set up at our beach during the warmer summer months.  Jump in on a game or challenge people around the resort to a match!


Boat House Jumping Platform

We have a platform fastened to our boathouse that kids and adults can use to jump from.  The water is deep enough below the platform, but for everyones safety, we request NO diving!



We also have a waterslide for everyone’s use.



Kayaks are free for our guests to use when they please.



 Have some fun shooting hoops on our half court basketball court!

2 thoughts on “Activities

    • Unfortunately we do not have fishing guides at our resort. We have a master map that we let our guests copy out with the depths, rocks and fishing spots and then somebody at the resort will go thoroughly through the map with you.


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