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We thank you for this opportunity to tell you something about Dogtooth Resort and the surrounding area.
            Dogtooth Lake has 6200 acres of clear, clean water and 167 miles of shoreline. It connects to Kilvert Lake with 2450 acres of water and 42 miles of shoreline. The two lakes are connected by a short creek which is easily navigated by most boats and is very scenic. Both lakes home fish species of walleye, northern pike, smallmouth bass, lake trout, splake (cross between a speckle trout and lake trout), crappie, perch and whitefish. Located in the heart of the Precambrian Shield, these lakes have very irregular shoreline with large rock outcroppings treed with pine, birch and poplar. The lake depths are varied with large feeding areas of 4 to 7 feet, channels of 10 to 30 feet and numerous areas of reefs and drop-offs that reach 120 feet or more.
            The large walleye that Dogtooth and Kilvert are famous for can be caught any time of the year as fishing methods change from shallow to deep water or reefs and drop-offs. We have a seasonal average of over 100 walleye caught weighing 7 pounds or more with a 95% release rate. Smallmouth bass are caught in all seasons, put up a good fight and taste great in the frypan. Northern are caught all year, anywhere and on almost anything. It’s a real challenge to land a 10 or 15 pounder on your light spinning gear!
            Our cabins range from two bedroom to four, three piece baths, fully furnished, electric heat, carpeted and are supplied with dishes, pots and pans, cutlery, toaster, coffee maker, linens and towels. They are clean and spacious, with electric refrigerator and stove, and propane grill. You can park your vehicle at the backdoor and the docks are visible from each cabin. The cabins also provide satellite TV, wifi and drinking water. The fish house is supplied with freezer paper, plastic bags and extra freezer space to store your catch.
            For those who prefer to be on your own we have a secluded outpost on Dogtooth Lake. It features two bedrooms, equipped kitchen, living\dining room , indoor shower, outdoor plumbing and fish house. There is a small sleeping cabin as well as propane grill and fish cooker. For the ultimate Canadian experience we have another outpost an hour drive north from our resort. The cabin sleeps 8 and the lake features walleye, smallmouth bass and northern.
            For your convenience our store carries an assorted selection of groceries including milk, bread, snacks and ice cream. Also available is gas, live bait, fishing licenses, ice, lake maps and apparel. 
            There is an abundance of wildlife including black bear, deer, Canadian lynx, chipmunks, squirrels and lots of birds. The loons in the bay will be sure to wake you at least once with their north woods call. Watch out for the otters as they are may to clean out your minnow bucket!
            During late July and August there is an excellent blueberry crop to be picked. Make sure you bring your best pancake and muffin recipe.
            For added fun, off the boathouse we have a water slide and jumping platform, swim dock and floating dock with diving board. There is a half court basketball net and beach volleyball for anyone who is feeling competitive.  Also, our kayaks are free for our renters to use at their convenience.
            The city of Kenora is only 15 miles away where there are a good variety of souvenir shops, restaurants and two 18 hole golf courses; Kenora Golf 7 Country and Beauty Bay. We are right next door to Rushing River Provincial Park which has spectacular rapids, sand beaches, playground and hiking trails. 
It’s well worth taking a day and spending it there, accessible either by boat or car.
            If you would like to know anything else about Dogtooth Resort please 
email or give us a call. Our hospitality is the best and our friendship is forever.
Wayne, Patty and Kyle Jones

6 thoughts on “About Us

    • Yes, but you must abide by our policies…

      1. Only one pet per cabin
      2. They must be kept on a leash at all times
      3. They must be picked up after
      4. They must be kept off the swim areas (beach and the swim dock)
      5. They can’t be left alone in the cabin barking


    • Please see fishing regulations under our links tab on our webpage…
      WALLEYE 18.1 and under – 4 for sport license and 2 for conservation
      PIKE everything over 29.5 has to go back – 4 for sport license and 2 for conservation
      BASS 13.8 and under until July 1st – 4 for sport license and 2 for conservation

      Yes you can take fish home.

      Yes, you can bring your own boat. It’s $12 a day Canadian before tax.


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