Direction FROM International Falls?

  • Cross the border
  • Take Hwy 11 west
  • You will reach the junction for Hwy 71 in about 25 mins passing through a small town called Emo
  • Take a right and exit onto Hwy 71
  • You will continue down Hwy 71 for about 2 hrs
  • You will pass through Nestor Falls and Sioux Narrows
  • Dogtooth Lake Rd is located about 45 mins north of Sioux Narrows
  • You will pass Rushing River Provincial Park on right and then Dogtooth Lake Rd is your next right
  • If you hit the Junction of Hwy 71 and 17 you have gone 5 mins too far
  • *We are NOT located down Highwind Lake Rd*

Directions FROM Winnipeg?

  • Take HWY 1 (Trans-Canada Hwy) east towards Kenora. ?This turns into Hwy 17 once your reach the Ontario border
  • Bypass Kenora by not exiting onto 17. ?You want to stay on the HWY on bypass Kenora on Hwy 17A
  • There will be numerous exits to Kenora. ?Stay on the Hwy and Hwy 17 will eventually meet up with 17A
  • Turn right onto Hwy 71 S heading to Fort Francis
  • Dogtooth Lake Rd is 5 mins down this Hwy on the left
  • If you pass Rushing River Provincial Park on your left you have gone 2km too far